17 October 2010

I'm Burnin' Up!

I mentioned it briefly before, but about once a week I have a huge spike in traffic. I'm grateful for it. I am, however, a bit confused as to why.

It is always on this entry, with each of my others uniformly receiving a few views. The views are also almost exclusively from other countries. Over the past week, here are the numbers of readers I've had from different nations:

United States- 45
Brazil- 17
Japan- 15
Ukraine- 13
Canada- 11
South Korea- 7

And it goes on, but basically I'm a bit confused as to how they're finding my bloggity blog. Oh well, I will not look a gift horse in the mouth.

In terms of blog readership, I know I have a ton of loyal readers. And I love you guys. I am, however, interested in expanding my reader base, so I am taking a page out of the playbook once used by Michael Ian Black on his blog. I will look at google's most popular search items and mention them in this entry.


-Boy was I sure sad when I heard about the death of Minneapolis based singer/rapper Eyedea. I hadn't heard of him until today, but that totally blows anyway.

-I am sure nfl.com fantasy is an excellent place to place fantasy football. On that note of sports, I'm bitter in every way about the Chiefs game today. As much as I know it wasn't just one play, that ref who called pass interference on Brandon Flowers (this one not that one) can eat me.

-As a Mizzou fan, I was happy to see Jeremy Maclin did well today despite the DeSean Jackson injury.

-Eric LeGrand got a neck injury... a lot of these are clearly sports related.

-I keep seeing commercials for the Skyline movie on TV, and I have no interest whatsoever in seeing it. It's as if a movie produced said "let's combine District 9 and Transformers because those movies appeared to be profitable!"

-I am extremely concerned about Indiana unemployment as my friend Rachel lives there, and I want her to be employed.

-Many marathons were ran recently, like in Detroit. And Columbus. YEAH RUNNING.

Okay, that surely went really really well, guys.

Otherwise I was thinking of some ideas that I could do to spice things up around here. Let me know what you think of these ideas...

-Product reviews. See, we all value money, right? So I would review products and determine how valuable they are for the price we pay for them. Like the Magic Eraser (which really is pretty magical, but it doesn't last long enough).
-Vlogs or Podcasts. I'm not sure how to do a podcast, but I could probably figure it out. And I could probably figure out a vlog. Could be fun. And I would make it about money somehow, because this blog should be less about me and more about general topics.
-A completely random rant on occasion. Like an expanded "why the Chiefs got screwed" today moment. Or "why I love sweet tea." Or "why I wish I could directly communicate with the people who drive in front of me on 10th street in Joetown." That last one would be to remind them that the freaking speed limit is 30. Not 15. Not 6. It's 30.
-Photo of the day. I'd have to be super disciplined to remember to do this, but I'd listen to what my awesome readers wanted me to do. I'm pretty sure I'm going to participate in No Shave November, and that would provide ample opportunity for photos of the lower half of my face.
-Your ideas. Tell me. Teach me. GET OUT (your ideas that is. Get your ideas out of your brain)!


  1. i vote for random rants and photo of the day! i know some people who do product reviews on their blogs and (no offense) but it always turns their blogs SUPER boring!! if you do that, you better only do it once in a while...you hear me!! lol :)

  2. People love giveaways and if you say they get extra entries for following, tweeting, facebooking, etc. then you get a lot more traffic. Now what to giveaway.... maybe you are crafty or can giveaway something cheap!

    Also, the more blogs you comment on, the more likely they will be to visit yours and maybe even list your blog on their "blog role."

    Just some random ideas I thought I would throw out!

    I agree that too many product reviews can be boring. I also think vlogs are boring, but that's just me!

  3. Since you always have a song at the ready, why not have a vidoe link of the day. I don't know a tenth of the songs you refer to on a daily basis. Tyler & VB

  4. I love product reviews, mostly because I think they're the best thing to happen to online shopping EVER! I never buy anything online without looking for a review first, so that might up your readership as well...

    I would also enjoy a picture of the day :)

  5. I think product reviews from the aspect of someone on a budget would be fantastic. Like Kelly, I also google for reviews of products before I buy.

  6. Rants! In fact, I can think of a certain server at a certain restaurant that would be good rant material.

    Also, you should totally do No Shave November. Beards are awesome!

    You're right about those Magic Erasers. They work magically, but only for 1, maybe 2 uses.