30 January 2011

It's About Time!

I know, I know, it's been like two weeks since I've posted. The school year has happened again, and I keep having to do that whole teaching thing. In order to appease you, here are some images to whet your whistle.

It has snowed a whole bunch here recently (and A FOOT OF SNOW is possible on Tuesday apparently), so here are some pictures of that:

The street outside the track where I've been running.

The parking lot outside of CHS has a spot in the middle where the snow gets plowed to, and I park directly next to it. Here was the view outside my driver's side window.

In terms of the atmosphere of the track itself, here are some highlights:

The play equipment I must run past once a lap in exhaustion while kids stare at me from the swings.

Also, there are ridiculous "road signs" up along the walls on the track, and I thought I'd post the three most ridiculous ones and let you guys decide which one most makes you roll your eyes! Vote in the comment section!

HA! Get it?! It's irony!!!!!!

Ba dum dum! *rimshot*


I've been doing a lot more cooking at home this year so far, and not only is it saving me money ultimately, but I feel a lot better about my food choices as a result. This is the pad of paper I use for my grocery list:

Mommy, wow! I'm a big kid now!

And, finally, I flipped past MSNBC the other day, and this was the actual text on the screen:

My response:

Bye, everyone!

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  1. I think that last LOL WUT image needs to be a sign on track. Just a suggestion, maybe you could take it up with someone in the building.