06 June 2010

Consumer Rapport

Now that financial stability is in my future, I'm beginning to consider replacing items that were stolen from me, broken, crappy to begin with, etc. Step one is replacing a digital camera. My dad subscribes to Consumer Reports, so I'm going to start there. When I bought my last digital camera almost four years ago, I was looking to step toward a semi-professional camera, and this caused the purchase of a nice but cumbersome camera. It was huge and bulky, making travel with it ridiculous. I am blessed to have not been mugged in New York wearing that monstrosity around my neck. It also was great at taking still shots, but if my Shaky McShakerson hands moved a half millimeter the photo was blurry. So this time I'm definitely looking for something more cost effective- the last one was nearly $400. I'm not hoping for anything super professional, just a solid camera that takes clear pictures that fits in my pocket and/or messenger bag easily that costs in the $200 or less range.

Step two is replacing a television. I had two televisions stolen last year, so I'm looking for something fairly nice. My current television is terrible, unclear, and sort of huge. I play my 360 on it from the loveseat, literally five feet from the screen, and the details cannot be deciphered. I'm looking for something in the 36" range I think- nothing ridiculous. I don't want a plasma screen, that's not needed, but something that is visible across the vast expanse of my one room apartment would be nice. I'm not nearly as sure about price here, but I'll have to save for awhile for this after my vacation this summer. It's clearly not bothering me enough to do something about it immediately, I'm just... considering the future I suppose.

Step three would have been a new laptop, but God smiled at me and my employer gave its teachers brand spanking new laptops to use, and it has been miraculous to use a nice computer at home. I only wish the internet at my building wasn't awful. The internet at school is fast, but it blocks facebook. I know my way around it, sure, but it's annoying nonetheless.

It's a beautiful day outside, and my friends and I are going to play foursquare and swing on some tire swings. Should be fun :)


  1. would you be interested in a kodak easy share?

  2. Wow, okay, I sound like a crazy person. I tried to post like seven different times and blogger kept telling me the system was down and it wasn't working. Sorry!