30 June 2010

It was your heart on the line

I am now the proud owner of a savings account. Woo!

Brief story- two of my friends have had a debate of sorts about North American Savings Bank (NASB). One insists that when she enters the bank the women who work there are cold, unfriendly, and hardly accomplish their job without giving her a dirty look. She then sees her boyfriend and his father walk in, and the women perk right up, conversing and damn near flirting. I was going to perform a social experiment and see if, when opening my savings account, the cute female employee would offer herself to me sexually. I decided against it because I already bank at UMB. You might note I didn't say UMB Bank like much of their signage- because UMB already has the word "bank" in it, thanks.

The woman who helped me open the account was a super nice lady named Linda who, as I learned, has grandkids at CHS who I didn't teach, but she still thought that was really neat.

I'm going to completely interrupt my own train of thought to point out, again, how much I hate the Education Connection commercial that airs on Adult Swim between Family Guys. I hate the song, it is arhythmical nonsense, and I can't stop watching the commercial for some stupid reason.

Moving on, Linda helped me set up the savings account. Now I have $100 saved! And I went to the Farmer's Market, Olive Garden, and Baskin Robbins on just $20. I had a good friend in town, and who am I to say no to her desire for delicious Italian(ish) food and ice cream. I'm also trying to eat better, you know, and I made better decisions at the eating locations than I normally do. Then I went for a walk outside tonight because it's nice.

Finally, thank you for your clickin' on those ads. The money it "estimates" I've made is something like 25938% more than I thought it would generate. So I'm assuming the "estimated" amount I've earned on there is wildly inaccurate. In any case, KEEP CLICKING! Keep visiting! Also, if you would, "follow" me on here. I guess it helps too! I love you guys :)


  1. jason knows all the words to that Education Connection song... I am not proud to admit that...

    congrats on teh savings account!

    off to click on a link now....