04 June 2010

It's Been Awhile

Okay, so I haven't updated in a month. My excuse: it was the end of the school year. That essentially translates into my complete exhaustion and schedule explosion. Some developments in my financial life include:

-There is now a date set for my "meeting of creditors." Essentially, it's a terrifying time where I have to talk to my creditors face to face and explain... God, I don't even know what I'm supposed to say. Ideally, I say nothing and my lawyer says everything. I have to complete post-bankruptcy filling credit counseling before this meeting, and it costs $75 or something. Then I have to pay $300 when I go to the meeting. Filing bankruptcy is an expensive thing. I always heard people talk about how divorce was expensive, and I never quite got it. I get it now.
-A beneficial development of the bankruptcy is actually having money now. Because I've been allowed to stop paying the things the bankruptcy is dealing with, I actually have money to pay my bills, buy groceries that aren't under one dollar, and have a little extra to pay for things like graduation gifts, writing retreats, Chiefs tickets, and road trips.
-I'm teaching summer school. It's extra money, and I'm going to use it to pay for my yearly vacation so I don't have to take any of my actual paycheck out to do that. I'm going to New York again, and I'm excited to hopefully avoid being blown up by a car bomb!

In other developments, I'm working on being less of an unhealthy blob who plays his 360 all day after summer school. It's been moderately successful. That being said, I've won a world series playing MLB 2k10.

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  1. We might not have the threat of a car bomb, but I can promise you some car crime and poor driving if you visit STL! I still hope we can go to KC, but I have basically no vacation time left. Hopefully we can work something out! :)