21 July 2010

Embarassing Things Occupying My Time

I haven't blogged in far too long, and it is for several very important reasons. Or not so important, but several actual reasons.

1) NCAA Football '11 has come out for my beloved Xbox360. I've probably spent at least an hour playing it every day for a week. It's among my vices- I like sports themed video games. I budgeted some money for it this month, so I feel justified in enjoying it. Also, once the school year starts, I will likely never touch it for months at a time. That's what he said? Anyway.

2) A road trip with friends to scenic Iowa! We had, on a whim earlier this summer, decided to road trip to Des Moines where my friend Rachel's parents live. Free lodging! It was only, really, 24 hours in the city/area, but we jam packed them with fun. Here are some great photos to prove it:

Look! Cows! We really are in Iowa!

We also went to the roller derby while in Des Moines. It was a really fun time, and I met the love of my life, Mid-Iowa Roller jammer Lolli Pop Ya. I can't ignore a name like that.

There's a really cool sculpture garden in downtown Des Moines, and this was easily my favorite one.

We also trotted up to Ames, Iowa to see a butterfly house and giant outdoor/hot garden.

Amanda has an excellent recap of it all over at Constant Cravings, her vegan travel/tribute to K.D. Lang blog.

As far as financial news goes, no news is good news. I got a letter in the mail from American Family which, threatening tone noted AmFam, told me they were going to come after me about the insurance payments for the house I haven't owned in four months. It also claimed they had sent me a letter in May about it (really?). I called my agent who said, "Oh yeah, don't worry about that, I'll call them." So I'm assuming that's done.

The only financial issue upcoming is that I still haven't paid my car's property tax. I'll just have to make a sacrifice some upcoming month (and maybe harass my parents for a little help) to pay it. I just completely forgot about it, and I remembered it in the shower yesterday, the place where all good thinking happens for me. I usually just pay it with me tax return, but the return this year was miniscule unfortunately.

Oh, and I leave for New York in ten days :)

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