09 July 2010

LeBrandon James

Breaking news, loyal readers. LeBron James is leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the St. Joseph Mustangs. Maybe during his time in St. Joe he will enjoy the same delicious, ripe ass avocados I have enjoyed from HyVee.

Those avocados are, guaranteed, delicious. And ripe ass. Don't forget how ripe ass those avocados are.

I did, indeed, go to the grocery store this week. On Tuesdays HyVee does a bunch of "Tasty Tuesday" specials. I think I blind myself to think those deals impact me because they don't really. 95% of the specials are for things I don't buy/need. The only deal I took advantage of was three bags of shredded cheese for $5. I needed cheese, but I couldn't over look that ripe ass deal. Sorry, just used to saying that now. No big deal, though, because I came in $50 under budget at the grocery store for the month. I know normal people probably go grocery shopping more than once a month, and for a while I tried that too, but only getting paid once a month and living by myself really lends itself to that kind of shopping. And it's already a third of the way through the month and I still have a bunch of food.

I also made this purchase as an admission of aging.

Actually, let's talk about the LeBron James crap. It has nothing to do with money, but whatever. Listen, I get that he is the best player in the NBA since Jesus, but the rigmarole surrounding his defection from Cleveland is insane. As a Royals fan, I know what Cleveland fans must feel. Several years ago the Royals traded Carlos Beltran, who was awesome, for Mark Teahan and John Buck. Not even. Neither of them even play for the Royals anymore. Sure, John Buck just made the All Star team, but it's a fluke. John Buck is no Carlos Beltran. Anyway, reactions to LeBron vary wildly depending on who you support. As someone who isn't a huge NBA fan (as there is no team near me... is Oklahoma City closer than Chicago or Denver?), I feel like this has disaster (or as Beyonce might say, "disas-tuh") written all over it. Three super star players on one team could have a bunch of personality issues. And they don't have a proven point guard. Not to my liking at least. I sort of hope it implodes. He should have stayed in Cleveland. Because, at the end of the day, at least they're not Detroit! THEY'RE NOT DETROIT! They will, however, have to find something new upon which to base their economy.

I'd also like to take a minute and pimp my friend Amanda's blog Constant Cravings. She's a vegan food blogger, and the blog has a travel focus as well. Aside from all of that, she's my friend, and that requires you to read her blog. The ice cream featured in her most recent post makes me want to leave my apartment and go get some ice cream. What more can you ask for? Click on her ads too. And mine. Don't forget the ad clicking. It's my favorite kind of clicking.

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