23 July 2010

Some financial near-misses

Twice in the past week I've had small financial freak outs. A summary-

1) While in Des Moines, we ate at the Court Street Brewery. The restaurant itself was overpriced, but it was still decent. I had two "adult" beverages there- a beer, and a drink called "Georgia Jackass" which was a mix of non-alcoholic ginger beer and peach schnapps or vodka or something. For whatever reason, this drink is served in a copper cup. As seen below:

The approximate cost of this copper mug is seventeen trillion dollars apparently. We learned they were imported from the world's most famous copper producing nation- Turkey. Because of this, the restaurant demanded a credit card to hold in case I decided to steal this beautiful mug. I, of course, no longer have any credit cards because of that whole bankruptcy, so I gave her my debit card. I didn't steal the mug, and I received my debit card back with what I assumed was no problem.

When I got back to St. Joe I checked my bank account online on Wednesday, and what do I see but a $42 charge from the brewery on my account. After thinking I was crazy and subconsciously a thief, I assured myself that I hadn't stolen the mug. I hadn't. So I thought, "Maybe it'll go away because of... Jesus. I'm just gonna let Jesus take the wheeeeeel!"No, seriously though, I was going to just call them the next day.

It totally worked because on Thursday it was gone. Thank you, Carrie Underwood!

2) Then while I was in Des Moines I got a letter from American Family demanding money for the insurance on my house. You know, that house I haven't lived in almost a year? That house I haven't technically even owned since March? So, needless to say, I was super surprised to have received a letter asking me to pay insurance on a house I don't own! The letter also said they sent me a letter in May... also not true. I'm very confused. So I called my insurance agent who, while being a very nice person, often makes these little "whoops I forgot" mistakes. His response was just "Oh, yeah, I just need to call them, don't worry about it." It's not like he didn't know I don't own the house anymore. Whatever, it's taken care of.

This might sound stupid, but my tendency with both of these situations before the bankruptcy would have been to ignore it. Or forget about it. I remember clearly simply forgetting to pay my utility bills (and car payment... eek) when I lived in my house. I know "remember" and "forgetting" sounds funny, but I can remember now. Anywho, I'm happy with being more responsible. YAY!

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