22 April 2010

Allow me to gloat

This in no way relates to my finances, but I felt the need to reflect a bit.

This evening I had the wonderful chance to do one of the best things about my job- creative writing club sponsor. We have creative writing club meetings once a month, and it's always wonderful. I have fantastic kids in the group, they are supremely talented (certainly in comparison to where I was as a writer at that time), and I'm so happy to get the chance to hang out with these awesome kids. This evening we met at Hazel's for coffee and writing fun, and while we were there, I saw one of my former bosses.

I have had two former bosses tell me I'd never make it as a teacher. One said it explicitly, and the other implied it through what she thought was a cleverly veiled insult. The boss I saw this evening was the second of those two, and she was, easily, the worst boss I ever worked for. It was the only job I was ever fired from, actually. It was over a single mistake I allegedly made. A mistake I actually don't think I made, but let's say I did. It would be ridiculous to fire me over a single mistake. This woman was looking for a reason to fire me because I had to leave work every day to go to class at the college. Something they knew when they hired me. She resented it like crazy. I had personal photos hanging on a bulletin board in my office, and when I was fired she ripped them off the bulletin board. Like ripped my pictures nearly in half. She was a monster.

I didn't notice her right away, but when I did, a small part of me smiled inside. I'm at a meeting for a club I sponsor that I love, doing a job you didn't think I could do, and being really freaking good at it. I'm freaking great at my job, and these kids are rock stars. You, ma'am, were wrong. And not much feels better than to be able to rub that in the face of someone who doubted you.

What I said to myself as I left Hazel's was something along the lines of, "Hey, you, former boss lady- fuck you. I'm fucking great at my job, and everyone at your office only kisses your ass because they need your money. By the way, I've followed my dreams, achieved my goals, and have almost anything I could ever ask for. Did I mention you should go fuck yourself? Because you should."

Not that I'd be bitter and resentful and harp on the past or anything. That's just not me.


  1. You seriously are a wonderful teacher!!

  2. You are a fabulous teacher and that boss sucked bad. But look at you now...following your dreams is right--and making them happen! We are so blessed that you did--because you make a difference in the lives of students at Central! :) TRUE! (Staff, too!)