19 April 2010

Why you comin' home at five in the morn'?

It's been a week since I last updated, and progress did not go as quickly as I'd hoped. I have almost all of the bankruptcy paperwork completed, but I still need to get my last six bank statements and my last six pay stubs. Those will be easy to get, but it's hard to find time. Teaching at the end of the school year keeps me pretty much exhausted and sans extra time. The beauty of it is that, knock on wood, things are running about as smoothly as they have all year in my classroom. I'm in the middle of the Shakespeare unit, and it's the thing I feel most comfortable teaching. We had a successful day today, and I hope tomorrow is as good. It helps me get through the day of phone calls.

The phone calls are intense. I've had nine calls today from three different numbers. I asked last week to one particular caller if the simple intention of filing stops the calls, and it doesn't. I have to have actually paid my attourney. So I've called and set the date- April 27th. One week from tomorrow. A day I'm calling "Freedom Day." I have spent as little money as possible all month to be able to afford to file. $1000 to file- it's nuts. But I'm happy to do it. The only problem is that, according to what my attourney said last time I met with him, you have your court case 30 days after the filing. May 27th is the first day of summer school. I'm sure it'd be okay if I missed, but in summer school you have to pay subs out of your own pocket. Well, to be fair, summer school might not get funded by the SJSD this year, so maybe the problem will solve itself. That would be a loss, though, because I teach summer school for the extra paycheck. Bah.

As has been the case in the past few weeks, my personal life has been good. My friends and family continue to be supportive and fantastic. Pictures!

The sunset at LeBlond High School after my cousin's track meet.

I recently bought some firm tofu at the store, and I fried it in olive oil I attempted to infuse with garlic. The garlic flavor didn't really come through, but the crunchy/crispy thing caused by frying it was wonderful. I had it two ways- one time I just put it in some spinach leaves with some raspberry vineagrette I had in the fridge, and the second time I cooked it with two scrambled eggs, more of that spinach wilted in, some diced tomatoes, and made a little scramble situation. The second use worked much better!

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