11 April 2010

Fear Mongering

I have got to move forward with the bankruptcy. It's strange how much I look forward to life after it, but getting there is so hard. I'm trying to fill out more of the paperwork tonight, and it's impossible. I just don't understand a lot of it, and I'm going to have my dad help me with it tomorrow night. Part of it, or all of it rather, is my own fault. I keep terrible or non-existent financial records. I don't know account numbers, amounts owed, so on and so forth. I guess I'm going to have to call these people. I just have to push forward, but it's harder to do than I possibly imagined. It's my goal to get this figured out this week- I'll have to post progress reports. I at least want the actual paperwork completed in the next couple of days, then I'm going to complete the online credit counseling, then I'm going to call my attourney. Small goals, people, small goals. When it's all finished, I look forward to being able to SAVE money every month, which is incredible. I look forward to making purchases with actual money- not credit. I look forward to not feeling a constant pressure on me.

In less feeling sorry for myself news, I have wonderful friends, and last night we watched SNL on the roof of my building. It was fantastic, and I'm profoundly blessed to have people who are supportive of me despite my complete failures as a responsible adult. Here's Tina Fey blurrily (that's a word now) projected outdoors.

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