02 April 2010

Did I just get prank called?

I guess I'm old now. I got prank called (I believe) tonight on the land line in my apartment, and I spent 10 minutes trying to look up the number on the internet. It was the equivalent of telling them to get off my lawn. The girl on the phone just talked really quick, and all I heard was "if you don't pay..." by "April..." something or other. But it was clearly a girl on the line. Not an adult, nor any of my actual debtors. Maybe I'm going to be murdered by the mob or something! That'd be new and interesting!

I didn't hear back from Suzuki today. I could have called them myself I suppose, but, eh, it's okay. The silver lining here is that they didn't call me today. Generally they call me like six times a day (seriously), and I didn't hear from them once. I'm choosing to see that as good news!
I had a busy day today- hair cut, lunch with mom and sister, grocery shopping, and later this evening it will be fun/movies with friends.

The grocery shopping was successful- as suspected, they did not have the frozen gnocchi, though. I bought some frozen ravioli instead as a sad, poor substitute. I'm super excited about the shrimp dish I'm making, though. I'll try to post a picture.

Not much news financially today. Still waiting on a letter from Bank of America about what they're planning to do with the money I owe them on my house. When I get that letter, I will file for the bankruptcy soon after. Playing the waiting game for now.
And now- a pictoral journey through my day:

First storm of the Spring today- here it is from 22nd and Mitchell just as it was warming up.


I am both loveable AND huggable!

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