01 April 2010

Bieber or Die!

My mental health day was beautiful. Firstly, I woke up to get my car through the car wash. I thought someone might look at it over the course of the day, and I wanted it to be all pretty like. Here is the result.

Yeah, it looks pretty good.

I headed to the credit union and, because I'm on this honesty kick, I told them everything about the bankruptcy upcoming. They were not interested in "getting involved" in a bankruptcy. I was pretty crushed. Before this year, I had never missed a payment on the car, and now it was looking more and more like the car was going to be taken from me. I went to my parents' house and talked to my dad about our options, and we decided to see if I could trade the car in for something with a better (a.k.a. lower) payment monthly.

For Joetowners, we went to Anderson Ford. For non-Joetowners, it's the biggest car place in town basically. I thought they would be most willing to work with my credit issues. The guy I talked to was incredibly nice and understanding, but they weren't going to work with me until the house was not on my credit anymore.

0 for 2.

Regrouping at home, taking some advice from my dad, my attourney, and the dude at Anderson Ford, I decided to call Suzuki and see if they could refinance the loan themselves. The guy I talked to was really nice, and I should find out tomorrow morning if it went through. If all goes as plan, my car payment will be lowered from $401 a month to $188 a month. That means I'll be paying on the car forever, but at this point, that monthly savings is worth it. I'm cautiously optimistic. If they don't agree to the refinancing, I'm in a serious bind about my transportation related issues. I'll cross that bridge only if need be. I'll be sure to update tomorrow with the result.

Tomorrow I'm grocery shopping on a budget. I've been introduced to the Poor Girl Eats Well blog thanks to my friend Amanda, and it has been an economical way for me to eat healthier. I'm looking forward to making the gnocchi and feta situation on there provided Wal Mart has frozen gnocchi. I figure, if worse comes to worse, it's probably good on any salad.

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  1. praying the car situation works out. IF jason gets this job (please, Lord!!) we are going to buy him a car and the suzuki will be back up for grabs. i don't know if mom and dad will want it back or what, but just throwing it out there....