05 April 2010

Disturbing non-progress

I haven't heard from Suzuki. I haven't heard from Bank of America. I haven't heard from anyone. I received several 888 phone calls today, but I don't answer those because they scare me. I know one of them may have been Suzuki, but none left me a voicemail. I suspect they were one of my credit cards. It's a simply horrible feeling, and, frankly, it's scary. I've realized this evening that among the reasons I don't answer those calls is because I'm scared of their consequences. I know it's counter-productive, but I eagerly await the day when I don't have to be scared of my phone ringing. I look forward to the day when I will change my ringtone, and that day is coming. I'm like Pavlov's dog with that thing, except salivating when I hear it, I cringe with fear.
As far as things not related to my finances, things are pretty fantastic. I had a beautiful Easter. I started the day with church, and as much as I've been saddened by things that have happened at my church in the past seven or eight months, it was nice. I liked singing the songs, and, despite the fact that it was a message I'd heard every year of my life, it never hurts to hear it again. Then I had lunch with my family, and they are fantastic. I'm so lucky and blessed to have them. Finally, I played four square with my friends. They are amazing, too. God has blessed me with an abundance in these areas, and the lack of abundance financially has highlighted for me how great the rest of life really is for me. And the weather for four square was absolutely perfect. And now there's a tornado watch, and that's just about my favorite weather situation.
A few pictures to highlight:
1) Jell-O cake is the best thing ever.

2) Cleaning happened.

3)A great joke written on the chalkboard in the men's room at Foster's, my favorite spot in Joetown.

4) I love karaoke. My friend Lu and I recently rocked some karaoke... and yes, this is "Summer Girls" ("Summergirls"???) by LFO.

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