08 April 2010

Poke Your Grandma, Stan!

It has been eight business days since I found out my home was foreclosed upon- I was told I would get a letter from Bank of America within 5-7 days which said whether or not I would be asked to still pay the money I owe on the house. I need to know this information in order to file the bankruptcy- I'm playing the waiting game in the meantime. I'm dreaming of a day where I have enough money left from my paycheck to actually start SAVING money. Putting money back?! What a dream indeed!
South Park, on occasion, makes fantastic social commentary. The facebook episode did just that. Anyway.
We have something like six weeks of this school year left, and it is simultaneously foreand no time at all. I just finished Act I of Taming of the Shrew with my students- we're just getting into the good stuff- and now it's warm outside and they're not as focused as they could be. It's okay, though, because I love me some Shakespeare and will pull them through.

I'm really enjoying writing this blog- and I like trying to take pictures to post on here too. Here are more:

My TAG students have began their work on their films, and their movie posters are due tomorrow. I got a sneak peak of one yesterday, and it's pretty awesome. The film is a parody of Paranormal Activity- so I should probably see Paranormal Activity before I watch their film.

So it's just Hamburger Helper, but I added a red pepper and an orange pepper, and it was totally awesome.


  1. The "Better than the sandwich I'm eating" quote made me lol.

  2. the facebook south park was hilarious!!!